Major heat anomaly over North Pole

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Major heat anomaly over North Pole

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Major heat anomaly over the Arctic seas and much of Siberia ... ... oss-arctic

Anomaly image 24-11-2020 from here ...

Arctic heating has been ongoing, with widespread annual wildfires in Siberia, along with melting permafrost. Europe just had its hottest recorded October.

More recently an expedition found bubbling methane clathrates in Arctic seas, and high methane levels that require further investigation.

There have been giant methane craters appearing in the Siberian permafrost, and some infrastructure built on once-stable permafrost have been collapsing.

Methane is watched closely as it is a far more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 and is a potential major feedback for further global warming.

Methane levels at Barrow are also showing strange peaks ... see the ongoing thread here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=293
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