The Ukraine war

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The Ukraine war

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Ukraine's fight, and the world's reaction to its invasion, shows what can be done.

We see, once again, that allowing dictatorial criminal regimes to exist and prosper eventually costs everyone dearly.

We have learned how embezzled money from the Russian leadership has infected the world.

We remember how Trump was swayed by Putin and Russian money.

We see that despite Russia's vast resources, most Russians are poor because their leaders stole the nation's money.

We see that Russians now suffer further because they allowed this leadership to exist.

We see that a TV actor and comedian is a better leader than a KGB/mafia man, and that Ukrainians are brave, proud people.

Yes, the West is hardly innocent, but it is the lesser evil.

Every nation must fight corruption and evil within its ranks and outside, or risk becoming the next Russia or Ukraine.
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