Geoengineering concepts

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Geoengineering concepts

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Is there hope? From the story linked below ...

The Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP) reviewed 27 potential marine geoengineering techniques that had been studied or modelled to varying degrees worldwide.

The group particularly focused on:

*Iron fertilisation across 10 per cent of the Earth's oceans by utilising every merchant ship in the world
*Adding lime to 10 per cent of the oceans to enhance alkalinity, increase CO2 uptake and counter seawater acidity
*Drawing up cool, nutrient-rich water from the depths with large pipes to create an artificial upwelling that provokes algal blooms while also cooling the ocean's surface
*Injecting liquified CO2 into the seabed in depressions and trenches where it can be stored for 1,000 years
*Increasing the ocean's reflectivity by drawing up cold water to increase Arctic ice thickness, or by adding foams, micro-bubbles or reflective particles to the surface
*Brightening marine clouds by spraying fine seawater into low lying stratocumulus clouds to increase their reflectivity and reduce surface temperatures
*Farming seaweed on a large scale before entombing it deep in the ocean to sequester its carbon, or process it for biofuels ... 2/11563584
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